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The most winning player in Call of Duty history, with 19 major LAN wins. Patrick is one of the best players to grace the series, bringing true leadership and experience to the team.


Patrick Price

19 LAN wins

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Bryan Zhelyazkov

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Bryan’s a veteran to Call of Duty eSports. He’s seen a lot of success over the years on multiple titles, and is known for his raw gunskill, and aggresive playstyle.

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Ulysses Silva

2nd COD champs 2015

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A rising superstar, and one of the best young talents about right now. Ulysses knowledge of the game, combined with his aggressive playstyle ranks him up with the greats.

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Team Razer


Team Razer is an elite group of the world’s most prestigious and accomplished eSports athletes, united by their outstanding talent and desire to compete at the highest level of competition. They are ambassadors of the video game industry, promoting the values and principles of a better environment for gamers around the world.


Team Razer was conceived as a place to harbour and nurture some of the world’s most astounding gaming talent and, in turn, take an active role in helping us create the world’s most astounding gaming peripherals.

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Scuf Gaming


Scuf Gaming provides “Tactical Gear For Elite Gamers” and is trusted by over 85% of Pro-Gamers. Entering the market in 2010, SCUF is leading the field in the professional gaming controller market and has become the defacto professional controller. The SCUF controller has features, which are covered by 4 granted patents, and another 28 pending to include back paddles, adjustable hair triggers, trigger stops, EMR, military grade SCUF grip and various thumbstick lengths in both domed and concave styles.

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As creators of the first energy drink formula made for gamers, by gamers, with “G-Fuel Energy Drink Formula” Gamma Labs has become a staple in the professional gaming community. Professional Call of Duty and League of Legends players, as well as some of the most prestigious organizations in eSports use G-Fuel to achieve the level of focus required to play professionally.